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Our 3D scanning services

At Printpool we will 3D scan your components and objects using the latest 3D scanning equipment. Once the scan data for a physical object has been processed, we can then manufacture and exact replica for you using our 3D printing service, in any one of over 12 different materials, or simply present you with the digital file. Our customers use our 3D scanning services for a broad range of reasons, including inspection and analysis of complex parts, and the reproduction and preservation of rare historical objects.

The most common offering we provide is reverse engineering services however. Reverse engineering involves using the 3D scan data to create an editable CAD model of a product or component. This can then be used for market research, analysis, or manufacturing. This is particularly useful for legacy components, when the original manufacturer no longer produces the part.

Scan-to-mesh 3D scanning

We will capture your object using our high resolution 3D scanner/s, which use a combination of cameras and white, structured light to build a detailed 3D point cloud. Our software then converts this point cloud into a 3D mesh file, which can be viewed on a screen. Sometimes this is all that is needed.

Scan-to-CAD 3D scanning

After capturing your object using our scanning process, and building a mesh file, we will create a full parametric model of your object using the latest CAD (computer-aided-design) software. This can be used for stress analysis, or to incorporate into a CAD assembly.

Scan-to-print 3D scanning

We will scan your item to generate a point cloud, use this to generate a mesh, and then make a CAD file - as in the scan-to-cad workflow. We will then use our 3D printing service to generate one or more copies of your part using an appropriate 3D printing material. A full 3D replication service.

We primarily serve business clients for all of our 3D printing, 3D scanning, and design services. Individuals wishing to have items 3D printed for personal projects or hobbies will be better served elsewhere.

3D scanning pricing

3D scanning projects can vary in price, but start at £50 +VAT for a simple object. Scan-to mesh projects will cost less than scan-to-CAD projects, and scan-to-print projects are of course more expensive still.

Some objects can also be more difficult to scan than others - if objects have very shiny surfaces, for example. This difficulty will increase the price. Smaller objects also cost less to scan than larger ones, and of course, if you request the 3D scanning of multiple objects then the cost per item will decrease.

Industries that use our 3D scanning services

3D scanning has various applications depending on the industries or sectors you work in.  We've highlighted some of the most interesting ones to give you some inspiration.

Automotive 3D scanning

You can use our 3D scanning service to capture data from modern, and classic cars. Whether individual components, or larger areas such as a dashboard, the 3D model that is generated can be used to reproduce hard-to-source parts, or simply design new ones that fit perfectly.

Medical 3D scanning

Our 3D scanners can easily capture patient-specific body data, which can then be used for perfectly customised orthotics, prosthetics, braces and supports. The data can also be used to support the development of medical devices such as masks.

Museum and Education 3D scanning

Museums can use our 3D scanning services to digitise their collection, and allow interested parties to view artifacts in full 3D from thousands of miles away. We can also reproduce items using 3D printing, so that reproductions of delicate items be handled without risk.

Scientific and Research 3D scanning

3D scans can be used for unbiased data collection, that doesn't rely on potentially biased manual measurement. The volumetric accuracy of our scanners is excellent, and can be used for various measurement data processing activities.

3D Scanning FAQs

What format do you supply the files in once complete?

We can usually provide you with a range of options, including STL, OBJ, and STEP files. If you have a requirement for an unusual file type we will do our best to accommodate you.

How long does your reverse engineering service take?

We have managed to reverse engineer, and then 3D print replacement parts within a few hours before. Usually projects can be completed within a few days.

Do you need to have the original with you, or will a photo do?

We will always need to have access to the original part in order to reproduce it. We will usually use a combination of hand modelling and 3D scanning - both of which require the object to be present in our facility.

Does 3D scanning damage the original?

3D scanning won't damage the original part, no, unless it is very sensitive to light. If you think that your object is sensitive to light, we can discuss with you in more detail to see what capture methods will be most suitable. We always will return any objects that we have reverse engineered back to you unharmed, at the end of the project.

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