Flame Retardant Resin

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About Flame Retardant Resin

Flame retardant resin has UL 94 V-0 blue card certification when manufactured on either Form 3, or Form 3L machines - both of which we run here at Printpool. The material is a highly versatile and useful for engineering grade components across a wide-range of industries.

An automotive part made using flame retardant resin.

Flame retardant resin is also highly resistant to high temperatures, while remaining tough and durable. It is stiffer than Tough 1500 resin, but less stiff than Standard resin.

Material Properties

Tensile Strength


Tensile Modulus


Elongation at break


Flexural Modulus


Safe Temperature


Impact Resistant

Chemically Resistant


UV Resistant



Available Colours

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