Recycled PLA

Find out more about 3D printing with Recycled PLA,
including material properties & design tips.

About Recycled PLA

In keeping with our Climate Emergency policy, we've just added our first fully recycled, and industrially compostable material, Recycled PLA. Just like other Polylactic Acid (PLA) materials, Recycled PLA is a stiff and versatile material that prints well and is suitable for a range of different prototyping applications. Available in a wide range of colours for visual models, this material should be your go to for general, quick models.

A Recycled PLA component

Recycled PLA has a low melting point, which means it has a very low tendency to warp - great news. This also makes it less suitable for applications at raised temperatures. For high temperature printing, we recommend SLS Nylon or Onyx.

Material Properties

Tensile Strength

69.8 MPa

Tensile Modulus

3.1 GPa

Elongation at break


Flexural Modulus

3.1 GPa

Safe Temperature


Impact Resistant

Chemically Resistant


UV Resistant



Available Colours

"Great quality 3D prints and service. Highly recommend for the fast turn around, high quality and very reasonable costs. We have utilised Printpool many times now, and have always been beyond satisfied with the results."

Similar 3D Printing Materials


An Onyx Gear

A high strength material that has excellent mechanical and thermal properties. Use for serious engineering parts and prototypes.


Tough PLA

SLS 3D Printed Bike Pedal

A tougher version of PLA with properties closer to those of ABS. An excellent prototyping material, with slightly better quality than Recycled PLA.

Tough PLA


SLS 3D Printed Bike Pedal

A UV and temperature resistant FDM material. Use PET-G for your prototypes and one-off parts, when Tough PLA or Recycled PLA just won't do.