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About Us

Printpool was founded in 2020 at the very height of the coronavirus pandemic, by Gerard Shields, a 25 year old mechanical engineer and 3D printing specialist who was 'shielding' from the disease due to a compromised immune system. Although some would have thought it unlikely given its origins, Printpool has steadily grown, and now serves a large number of exciting technology and design businesses around the UK.

We have a wide variety of different materials on offer, ranging from colourful, recycled PLA for cheap and eco-friendly prototyping, to extremely strong and durable 3D printed composites for serious engineering components. Our customers use our services for rapid prototypes, unique parts, and low volume production runs, and are producing some really exciting technology that will change the world for the better.

As well as our prototyping and 3D printing services, we are able to help you design your product using a range of cutting edge techniques such as topology optimisation, generative design, custom lattice generation and more. Design for Additive Manufacturing is a poorly understood but critical discipline, and we are experts at fully utilising the possibilities of 3D printing.

We primarily serve professional business customers, agencies and freelancers. If you need 3D printed parts for hobbies or craft projects, there are likely to be better options out there to cater to your needs. We're based in the Oxford Centre for Innovation, right in the heart of Oxford, UK.

Printpool Additive Manufacturing Ltd
Oxford Centre for Innovation
New Road
Oxford, UK

01865 546430

3D Printing & The Climate Crisis

If we don't make big changes to the way that we live, quickly, then the world's climate will become increasingly less suitable for human life to flourish. Food scarcity, natural disasters, rising sea levels, and the catastrophic collapse of complex ecosystems will be an existential threat to billions of lives on this planet in the next 50-100 years, if nothing is done. A climate catastrophe such as this cannot be allowed to happen, and yet seems increasingly likely, due to the apathy of individuals, nations and corporations around the world. We all have a responsibly to play our part in preventing this terrible outcome.

At Printpool, we think the climate crisis is the single biggest issue facing the world today. Things need to change, and although personal carbon footprints are important, we think that governments and companies have the biggest responsibility, and the potential for the biggest impact. Every business has a responsibility to reduce their energy consumption / total carbon footprint, and in doing so, target a more sustainable future.

Our Climate Policy

For media enquiries, please contact srishti@printpool.co.uk

Other Information

Please find our legal policies and information below, as well as information about any open positions we might have. If you have any questions get in touch with us and we'll do our best to help.

Terms and Conditions

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Our standard terms and conditions govern all the work we do, from 3D printing to consulting. Take a look now.

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Privacy Policy

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Our privacy policy governs how we use and protect you data, and personal information. Please read carefully.

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SLS 3D Printed Bike Pedal

A career at Printpool is never boring. Take a look at open roles and be part of the digital manufacturing revolution.

Open Positions

If you wish to collect your parts, view our facility, or just have a chat, we'd love to meet you. Please don't drop by unannounced though, as we operate with lights out manufacturing regularly, and we want someone to be in to meet you!

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