3D Printing Training

Learn how to utilise the benefits
of additive manufacturing in your organisation

At Printpool we 3D print thousands of parts every month. We want to share some of the knowledge that we’ve collected with you, so that you can get better results from additive manufacturing, and learn how to design parts that you never thought possible. We’ll give you the skills and confidence to design best in class products, and take full advantage of the unique possibilities of additive manufacturing.

This is not a technician's course. We will not show you how to setup, tune, or maintain a cheap 3D printer, unlike the majority of other courses out there.

This course is for product designers, industrial designers, design engineers, and mechanical engineers. We will teach you about 3D printing from a design perspective, so that you understand all the options available to you, for prototyping, functional testing, and high quality production parts.

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